Innovation is a space where Foundation North tries new ways of working, using experimentation and prototyping to maximise learning.

The Foundation North innovation team has the purpose of trying, and supporting, new approaches that will make progress towards the Foundation’s priorities and outcomes.

Foundation North recognises that there are no easy answers to some of the challenges facing the region, and that new ways of working need to be encouraged and supported. We’ve been on a journey over several years to grow our understanding and practice in innovation. This team, established in 2018, brings together our previous innovation programmes such as the Gulf Innovation Fund Together and Catalysts for Change and will advance our approaches to supporting and stimulating innovation in the future.

Impact Investment - Foundation North is looking for impact investment opportunities in companies, organisations and funds that make a significant contribution to our strategic priorities. 
Read about our research into impact investment here 
Read about our approach to impact investment here

Gulf Innovation Fund Together (G.I.F.T) - The purpose of the $5m fund is to encourage breakthrough insights, innovations and solutions to the complex environmental issues facing the Hauraki Gulf. Read more

Catalysts For ChangeThe impact of MPEI saw the Foundation create a dedicated funding stream of multi-year grants, Catalysts For Change, which targeted a small number of organisations using innovative projects and practices to create positive outcomes and opportunities for young people.

Māori & Pacific Education Initiative (MPEI) - Foundation North’s first significant investment in high-engagement philanthropy put $20m into educational interventions aimed at lifting educational achievements of children in Maori and Pacific communities. Read more

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