Pacific Youth Future Makers

Pacific Youth Future Makers is a Foundation North initiative that puts grantmaking into the hands of young Pacific people.

This group of youth leaders is making decisions about a new and experimental fund that will see small grants going to projects that benefit Pacific communities in South Auckland.   

The Pacific Youth Future Makers are excited to announce a new Fund which has been 100% designed and driven by them - the Future Makers Fund.

Future Makers Fund

Pacific  Youth Future Makers invite you to apply for a small grant between $2500 and $7500. They are looking for projects by individuals or groups doing great things to benefit Pacific communities in South Auckland and to empower young people, their families & communities. 

This fund is designed to give out small amounts of funding with a light application process and a short response time and the decisions are made by Pacific young people.  

How does it work?   

Pacific Youth Future Makers will assess the first 40 applications that come through for the Future Makers Fund. Applications will close once 40 applications have come in or by 29th August.   

There are some things to know - applications must: 

  • Be for projects in South Auckland Pacific Communities 

  • Positively impact Pacific Communities 

  • Empower young Pacific people, their family and communities  

  • Have started or be in advanced planning stage 

  • Be completed in 6-months 

  • If you are an individual, it must be for the benefit of the public without anyone making any money/profit for themselves 

Future Makers Fund FAQs

Get help with our Frequently Asked Questions - download FAQs

How do I apply?

There are two ways to apply:

1. In writing - click an application form below and answer all the questions in writing.

2. By video 

  • Click on an application form as you will still need to give us your personal details in writing and then you can tell us about your idea by making a video.
  • Upload your video to YouTube* then copy and paste the YouTube video link/URL into the space on the form.





* Follow the link to find out how to upload your video file to YouTube

What happens next?

Once you have applied, the Pacific Youth Future Makers will be making decisions within 3 weeks of the fund closing.  They may get in touch to ask a few more questions to learn more about your project. The Pacific Youth Future Makers will be assessing the applications and making their recommendations to the Foundation North CEO.

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