If your organisation plans to apply to Foundation North for a grant, the first step is to check whether you are eligible.

We are a community funder that funds and works with communities in Auckland and Northland. We understand that the needs of our communities will change, and we aim to continually engage with communities to understand their strengths and needs.

To be considered for funding your organisation needs to be:

  • a charitable trust or incorporated society registered with the Companies Office (You can check your registration at http://www.societies.govt.nz/cms); on the Charities Services register (You can check your registration at https://register.charities.govt.nz/CharitiesRegister/Search) or Māori entity
  • operating for at least 12 months
  • able to provide us with annual accounts
  • providing a service, project or programme of benefit to the communities of Auckland and/or Northland. Our boundaries, as defined by our Trust Deed, can be found here
  • able to provide a resolution to apply for funding from Foundation North, for the purpose and amount for which the organisation is applying for funding - this resolution must be signed by one representative from your organisation’s governing board or committee (please remember to note the signatory name).
  • An organisation may only receive one grant from Foundation North in a 12 month period - if you’re not sure when you last received a funding payment, give us a call.

Not a registered Charitable Trust or Incorporated Society? 
Need an Umbrella/Fund Holder?

We understand to support some of the outcomes we want to achieve, we need to think about support for unregistered groups or to help groups become ready for applying for grants. Foundation North will continue to support these groups through allowing them to apply under the umbrella of a registered organisation; which will act as a fund-holder and ensure accountability is completed. This will not exclude the umbrella organisation from applying for its own costs within the 12-month timeframe.

Registering your group

When you register, you will be able to register in your own group’s name and tell us which organisation will act as your legal umbrella/fund holder. Please note that this organisation must be registered on Foundation North’s Funding Hub also. For assistance - call 0800 272 878 option 2.

Making an application for funding

Support documents will need to be provided along with your funding request by your group and the ‘umbrella’ organisation. Please click on the link below for further information about ‘umbrella’ funding requests and support documents.

Guide for umbrella organisations and "unregistered" groups

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