Places funding area aims to support projects that:

  • conserve our physical and natural environment
  • conserve our cultural heritage
  • support building and marae development projects that aim to strengthen community cohesion.


Grants will be considered for costs relating to:

  • operating, capacity building, resources, building, project and equipment costs for heritage, marae and environment groups
    - grants for operating costs will be considered up to 30% of an organisation's annual expenditure

Building costs for community building projects please refer to the funding exclusions for Places


Funding priorities


  • heritage restoration including Māori and cultural artefact
  • protection and restoration of waahi tapu and archaeological sites 
  • building development
  • collection care and management
  • recording and publishing history
  • exhibitions and interpretation
  • promotion of cultural heritage.


  • marae development projects that can demonstrate community involvement
  • creating key community partnerships with marae, eg runanga and iwi collaborative projects
  • projects that build capacity.


  • conservation and restoration of regionally significant or threatened habitats and eco-systems on public land or private land which is under covenant (including ngaa whenua raahui)
  • conservation of rare, endangered or threatened native species
  • community education programmes aiming to resolve environmental issues that link action with learning
  • supporting community organisations outside the environment sector towards becoming more environmentally sustainable 

Community Building Projects:

  • projects that meet an identified and well-defined community need
  • collaborative projects
  • projects that have widespread and significant community interaction
  • community driven and have wide community support
  • buildings that ensure accessibility to whole communities
  • multi-use facilities which ensure accessibility to the whole community will be a priority


Applications for Community Building Project grants over $300,000

These grants are considered once a year. If you are thinking of applying for a building grant of over $300,000, please contact us to discuss your plans further.

The Foundation will consider helping with land purchases in limited situations. The land must be ecologically and/or culturally significant to the region and it must remain available for public access in perpetuity. If you are thinking of applying for a grant to help with land purchase, do get in touch.