When applying for any of our grants, we request that you send us some supporting information. Please read carefully as some application forms require different documentation. 


Applying for up to $25,000

For your application to be considered for any funding round, the following items MUST be included:


Annual Accounts
Annual accounts must be no more than 16 months old when you submit your application and be signed by two office holders. If your constitution, rules or trust deed stipulates that your organisation must have compiled, reviewed or audited accounts, you will need to provide this report with your application.

Letter of support, signed, dated and no more than six months old
Please provide a letter of support from a community organisation you work with.                              

Quote(s) for specific equipment or services where applicable
A quote for the item/s you want to be funded. Please note if your organisation is GST registered, any approved grant will exclude GST.


Early Childhood Centres
ECE's are only required to supply the annual accounts for the last financial year and be signed by two office holders.


In the People funding area we aim to support community organisations working to facilitate improved outcomes for high need communities in our region, or support strengths-based programmes that focus on positive outcomes for children, young people and their families.

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In the Places funding area we aim to fund projects that conserve, preserve and develop our region's natural and physical environment, and cultural heritage.

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In the Participation funding area we aim to encourage and support people to be engaged in their communities through participation in artistic, cultural, recreational and sporting activities.

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CLICK HERE for more information about the change to our new online application hub. Need help applying? 

Give us a call on (09) 3600291 or freephone 0800 272878  or email us info@foundationnorth.org.nz