Our funding approach

Our community funding programmes are designed to support initiatives that can help enhance the lives of everyone in our region. We look for applications to align with at least one of the Foundation’s outcomes, and ideally, to address one of our priorities.

Our funding programmes include Quick Response Grants (up to $25,000), Community Grants (over $25,000) and a Partnerships Programme. Through our Innovation team, we are also prototyping new ways of funding to accelerate impact.

Quick Response Grants (up to $25,000)

Quick Response Grants have streamlined processes that see grants working in communities as quickly as possible. Read more Quick Response Grants

Community Grants (over $25,000)

Community Grants are designed to support the work of community organisations over the medium term, including multi-year grants. Read more Community Grants

Partnerships Programme

Our partnerships programme is designed for organisations that have an established track record in the region, where a longer-term relationship with the Foundation is likely to improve their ability to deliver and add value for their communities. The Foundation will proactively identify potential partner organisations (that are already pillars in our region's community), through existing funding relationships or research and/or strategic initiatives that may arise. This programme is by invitation only, and is designed to create long-term strategic and regional partnerships between the Foundation and organisations with whom we share outcomes we want to achieve.  


The Foundation’s Innovation team is prototyping new ways of funding to accelerate impact. Our intention is to find ways to fund innovation for impact across the spectrum from ‘start-up’ to established organisations, providing support for projects from those at early stages and prototypes, through to scaling and systems implementation. An example of innovation funding is our GIFT fund https://www.giftofthegulf.org.nz/ which is designed to provide flexible support to initiatives to restore the mauri of the Hauraki Gulf. 

More details about our Innovation team will be available shortly - please check back here.

Impact Investment

For 30 years Foundation North has invested assets and given grants on behalf of the people of Auckland and Northland. For the last 10 years the Foundation has adopted new ways to have a positive impact with grant funding. The Foundation continues to push boundaries and is now exploring how financial investments can contribute to the Foundations priorities for the people of Auckland and Northland. 

The Foundation is committed to exploring the potential for impact investment to deliver on the Foundation’s strategic priorities. Impact investment will widen the set of tools available to the Foundation to use capital for creating positive impact and this will complement the Foundation’s significant granting activity. It provides an additional financing option to advance social and environmental solutions.

Impact investments are made into companies, organisations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.  

Potential Opportunities

For impact investment, the Foundation is looking for opportunities that

-    Are aligned to our priorities and have measurable outcomes 
-    Have a tried and tested way of generating revenue and repaying finance 
-    Clearly understand what investment is needed, and why 
-    Have a leadership team with the capacity and track record to raise and repay the finance and being sought and achieve the related impact goals

Foundation North’s priorities include (please also refer to our Strategic Plan) 

o    Addressing persistent inequalities in particular in Northland and South Auckland, and Māori and Pacific communities.  
o    Strengthening social cohesion within and between our diverse communities particularly for refugee and migrant communities.  
o    Achieving positive outcomes for children and young people to disrupt intergenerational disadvantage.   
o    Enable community-led economic development, particularly for communities most affected by income inequalities.  
o    Conserve and enhance our natural environment for the benefit of all communities. 


Foundation North doesn’t have an open application or expression of interest process for impact investment.  However enquiries can be made to the Innovation Team innovationteam@foundationnorth.org.nz 

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